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Greenies - Greenies Dog Treats

Greenies dog treats are designed to keep dogs' teeth and gums healthy and control "doggie breath." Our greenies are all natural and dental chew dog treats.

Greenies Dog Treats

Greenies dog treats, known as "greenies dental chew" such as treat packs and treat tubs are filled with high-quality, easily digestible proteins such as blend of boy and wheat proteins, which rewards your dog with clean teeth, fresh breath, and loads of vitamins and minerals - and, especially dogs LOVE the taste of greenies. Greenies' toothbrush shape, tapered shaft and contoured knuckles offer a better surface for teeth cleaning than most other dog dental treats. New, chewier texture of greenies helps reduce plaque and keeps gums healthy. Greenies are available in five unique textures (softer ones for little dogs, harder ones for bigger dogs) and five unique sizes, based on your dog's skull size- to better care for all types of dogs. You can't beat Greenies for clean teeth and fresh breath!

Greenies for Medication

Greenies Pill Pocket dog treats will make it easier to give medication. In another word, Greenies will eliminates the struggle of administering your dog's pills. Simply Greenies dog treats place pill into the super moist dog treat, pinch shut, and feed to your dog. Pill pocket is available in sizes to conceal tablets or capsules. Greenies Pill pocket can be choose from nutritious chicken or beef flavors.

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