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Deer Antlers for Dogs

Antlers for dogs are odor-free and long lasting natural dog treats. Deer Antlers for dogs include nutrients and are great alternatives to rawhide dog treats. Buy deer antlerz dog chew online today!

Antlers for dogs (the product name is Antlerz) are natural, healthy, odor-free and long lasting dog treats. These dog chews will help keep your dog busy and out of trouble and his teeth clean.

Deer Antlers for dogs are made of dead bone - they are great alternative to rawhide dog treats, especially for dogs who are aggressive chewers or who have a sensitive digestive system, disturbed by the fat and protein in rawhide chews.

Deer antlers for dogs include nutrients such as calcium and minerals available in the deer's body. Annually, the velvet, protective covering dries and the deer sheds this headdress, making way for a new set to grow. Can you say "recycle"? This nutrient-packed, marrow-filled deer bone that has served it's 1st purpose and then been cast aside, now becomes a long lasting, natural dog treat that dogs love.

Antlerz Dog Chew has the following features:


*Only 1 Ingredient


*Renewable Resource


*No Added Hormones, Antibiotics, Animal By-Products, Steroids or Preservatives


HAPPY DEER GUARANTEE: No deer were harmed, bullied or even teased during the making of these dog treats!


Supervise your dog when giving dog treats. Discard any small leftover pieces that could possibly be swallowed. Provide plenty of fresh, clean water.


Not for human consumption.


Product of U.S.A.


*Remember due to the nature of the products such as antlers for dogs, the size and shape may vary. The photo is only for reference purposes. Each Buckarooz Antler is cleaned and cut. The tips are grinded so that there are no sharp ends.
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