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All Natural
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All Natural
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4" - 5"
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Homemade "Apple Sweets " dog biscuits in a resealable bag. Great round shape for puppies and young dogs. Savory and delicious. You'll love the quality, they'll love the flavor! Approximate size 1 1/2 ".


For Dogs Any Size!!


Great for dogs with allergies!!


Bonus Dog Biscuit Facts:


Recent research suggests organic cinnamon (yes even cinnamon can be organic...we don't mess around) has antimicrobial properties. Cinnamon is used by diabetics to help stabilize insulin, and test's in unpasturized apple cider showed it killed off all the bad guys that can make you sick. The organic Apples: excellent source of fiber and vitamins and minerals, but I think we all know that.




Organic Rye & Barley Flours, Organic Apples, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Egg Glaze


50-53 pieces in each bag
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1 lb bag
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USDA and FDA certified, Beef Trachea are a hollow chew which are perfect for large and small dogs. Also, industry known as "moo tubes", they are 100% digestible, high in chondroitin and glucosimine (which have been shown to help promote healthy joints in dogs). They are a great choice for an all-natural chew. This is a natural product so color may slighty vary.
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