CS8 - Cheesy Stars
Homemade "Crispy Cheesy Stars" treats in a resealable bag. Star shapes gives your dogs a fun texture. Savory and delicious. You'll love the quality, they'll love the flavor! Approximate size 1 3/4".

For Dogs Any Size!!

Great for dogs with allergies!!

Bonus Dog Biscuit Facts:

Dog Health Facts: Parmesan Cheese is a quality protein and dogs relish the taste...that simple..they love the taste!


Organic Rye and Barley Flours, Parmesan Cheese, Parsley, Organic Egg Glaze

58-62 pieces in each bag
You Save: $2.00
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8 oz bag
Before: $9.89
Now: $7.89
Before: $9.89
Now: $7.89
Before: $9.89
Now: $7.89
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