BB1 - Bella Brittle
1 lb bag
You Save: $2.00
Homemade "Bella Brittle" dog peanut brittle in a resealable bag. Savory and delicious. You'll love the quality, they'll love the flavor!

For Dogs Any Size!!

Great for dogs with allergies!!

Bella Brittle features crisp, tasty dog peanut brittle. Great for a tasty treat in the morning, afternoon, or before bedtime! Homemade with the solid American quality you come to expect.

Ingredients: Love, organic rye flour, organic barely flour, peanuts, raw honey, organic egg glaze.
Before: $9.89
Now: $7.89
Before: $9.89
Now: $7.89
Before: $9.89
Now: $7.89
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