EK - Extreme Kong
For Aggressive Chewers
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Worlds strongest rubber dog toy! KONG® toys are legendary for performance and durability, although no dog toy is indestructible, Extreme KONG® Dog Toys are made from super-strong black rubber that stands up to even the most tenacious power-chewers. Regular use of Kong will strengthen your dog's jaw muscles. Extreme KONG® will assist in battling boredom and keep your dog out of trouble. Today, most domestic dogs don't have to work for food. In nature, however, dogs are predatory meat-eaters. Hunting for food is physically and intellectually challenging. The hunt is their "work." Success on the job results in a well-earned "paycheck" – their meal. Eating meat off the bone satisfies their hunger, exercises their jaw muscles and keeps their teeth and gums clean. Extreme KONG® helps satisfy dog's natural instincts and assists in preventing: excessive barking, destructive chewing, soiling, digging and separation anxiety. Fill with your dog's favorite treats or food to keep your dog entertained the healthy way.

Sizing is as follows:

Small = 2.75" Medium = 3" Large = 4.25" XL = 5.5" XXL = 6"

* Small (<15 lbs) * Medium (15-35 lbs) * Large (35-65 lbs) * X-Large (65-90 lbs) * XX-Large (90 bs)
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