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For Kong Toys
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How do you make a Kong Toy even more fun? Stuff a tasty treat inside! These treats are designed especially for use with Kong Toys. (All Kong Toys sold separately.)

Kong Stuff'n Snaps are all-natural, delicious and available in both Liver and Peanut Butter Flavors. They're specifically shaped to fit in your dog's Kong toys and keep them busy and content. Snaps also work great for training or as a tasty anytime treat.

Kong Stuff'n Paste, in both Liver and Peanut Butter flavors, make Kong stuffing easy! Simply apply a small amount to the inside surface of a Kong Toy or in the grooves of a Kong Dental Toy to keep your dog busy and content. Pastes also work great for training or as a tasty anytime treat. Choose your dog's favorite, or try them all for the most fun.

Kong Stuff'n Breath Paste Use with your dog's favorite Kong toy, dental toy or your doggie toothbrush to help clean teeth and gums. This mildly abrasive formula contains key ingredients that attack bad breath while he chews!
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